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Wei Kheong CHEAH
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Hi all,

I recently got myself a complete Longtail engine and prop shaft and have enjoyed using it at a lake close to where I live. The engine is a Honda GX200 with a claimed 6HP output. I've used it for less than 10hours but I am now experiencing a very noisy prop shaft which I believe could be due to bushings within the shaft having worn out already. I am at a loss as to how I can lubricate and what to use for lube. There are 2 grease fittings one of which is on the part that is bolted onto the engine output and the other is the long shaft itself which mates with the bolted bit with two large wingnuts. Sorry for my very 'untechnical' terminology, hope you guys understand what I am on about. Anyway, these fittings are like tiny pots and I have been told to pack with grease which I did. I can't figure out how the grease is going to work its way onto the bushings as I've noted the amount of grease I packed onto the fittings remains unchanged after a few outings. My non-existent thai language skills isn't helping at all and hope someone here can clear things up for me.

Thanks to all in advance.


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Did you ever figure out why it was making noises?  Could you grease it by hand?  Could you push the shaft out a bit and pump grease into it?

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