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Hi all , i was trying to get some information on a inflatable tubed catamaran both for motor and sail when i came across this site. The long tail cat looks fantastic , and i am very interested in this style of motor, but i am not sure if it would be a candidate for my application.



What i am looking at building is a catamaran with inflatable tubes, aluminium frame and deck mounted

between the tubes ( very similar to a cataraft or Alaska raft ) .The deck would sit below the top of the tubes at some undetermined height.The tubes i am looking at are 20.5 inches diameter and 12 ft long ,

here: they have others that are longer.


Any help would be appreciated.

Would the long tail be a candidate for this type of boat ?

How would i determine the correct width of the boat for the 12 ft tubes ?

Is there any advantages to having the motor mounted on the front of the boat ?


The boat would be used for fishing small lakes and perhaps in the future i would like to mount a

sail on it. I am not looking for speed but i do want to be able to make way against the wind. I live at the foot of the Canadian rockies so the wind can get up quick.




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Seagoing Cowboy
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Hi Addison,

I dont see why you couldn't build a cat using inflatable pontoons.  Though I'm not sure why you are choosing fabric over aluminum.  Perhaps for rocky rivers?  Seems like it would be much cheaper to purchase on old pontoon boat, and mount the longtail in the middle, just like Bill did with the sail cat he built.   There have got to be plenty of used pontoon boats in your area, and there are longtail kits for sale on ebay.

I'd mount the longtail so that the prop shaft ends right at the back of the boat, and then mount the rudder directly behind the prop for the best steering. 


Seagoing Cowboy

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     I was curious about using a longtail on an inflatable cat for a long time.  I couldnt find any info on the subject so I finally gave it a shot and ordered all the components.  Things came together quite well and I am currently trying to start a new trend in my area with this concept. 

     The boat is an 11' saturn minicat with a 6.5 hp honda clone engine and believe it or not the boat actually moves pretty fast across flat water.  Saturn does not recomend travelling at high speeds but I think they are reffering to the traditional style outboard as it causes the "wheelie" effect.  The longtail creates a force that is exerted across the uppermost side of the boat which keeps the nose down at high speeds.  I just assembled everything so I havent had a chance to pull out my gps to know for sure how fast I am actually moving at full throttle but I'm pretty sure the boat exceeds 15 mph.  I have video footage and when I figure out how to successfully post it, I will.

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