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Seagoing Cowboy
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Being that you have done a lot of river exploring in Northern Thailand, have you read Slithering South by Steve Van Beek?  He wrote about his 750 mile trip down the Mae Nam Chao Phraya back in the 80's.

A member at the BKKriders website posted some excerpts from the book along with some maps;

I have not read the book, and was just wondering what your thoughts were.



Seagoing Cowboy

January 16, 2011 at 10:44 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Regrettably I haven’t read it but heard about it, likely a great book. Always wondered where else he went. I heared that he had a heavy paddle longtail that had to be portaged by locals and he stayed in villagers houses. Not for me I would have to rough it. In my many years I guess I have been more places than anyone because Thai boats can’t go far. Occasionally Farangs kayak long distances, I one met kayaking far in the jungle once he must have been on a long trip, seemed annoyed to see me and went right past where I was anchored despite my hello, he had a gps...

Shinji the owner of the likely defunct BKK Riders site is my good friend but I lost track of him, guess he went back to Japan, would love to know what happened to him.


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Seagoing Cowboy
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Sean, I'm with you on roughing it, and I also think the gps would take all the fun out of it. 

I've also met my share of unfriendly farangs in Thailand.  The place attracts all sorts of strange vagabonds.

I'll probably pick up a copy of the book to keep me occcuped during the upcoming flight over there.

I'll bet Shinji will turn up on here eventually.  He'll probably stumble across this website once numerous posts are made about Thai boats, longtail motors, and jungle exploration, which will bring the website to the top of Google's search results. 

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