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What is the cost of the longtail set up in Thailand?

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Havent bought one in a while but I amagine they are somewhat less than $ 200. US. All parts less the engine. I can provide an current price if requested.


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muddin redneck
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i would like to know what the price of a longtail would be. i am only interested in the motor coupling and the props b/c i can make the shaft and tube here and get the bushings here i am hoping that it will cut down on shipping. i am looking for a price quote on one that would fit a 390cc honda 4stroke engine. and i am also wondering what it would cost to ship to the usa zip code 52761.


muddin redneck

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Seagoing Cowboy
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I have family in Thailand who already checked on the shipping for me, and I remember it costing far more than the kit itself.  It was a lot more than I was willing to spend.  You might watch ebay or craigslist.  I see them on there occasionally.

I'm going to Thailand shortly, and will be bringing a few kits back in my luggage in early April.  Your welcome to contact me then if your still haven't found one.

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I f someone builds their own shaft drive, Where do they purchase the bushings they use in the shafts, here in the usa. I could find brass bushings but not any wood or plastic yet. I tried to get some  from sps but they don't sell parts unless you have proof of serial # that you purchased it from them. They do sell the plastic prop bearing though on ebay. I bought a kkk, but they never said anything about parts when I bout it. I would just like the challenge of building a 13 Honda longtail, for fun.

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I would contact the CLP guys:

They seem to be very nice and I bet they would sell you some bushings.  However, they might not fit a KKK- I'd ask them.

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