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Hi to all, ive been looking at the longtail cat and think it is a great design and concept. I would like to build a similar design that would suit my needs, I'm from the southern part of Australia and live on port philip bay. The design in my head would be very similar to the longtail cat but maybe slight variations to hull shape and freeboard height. I would like to be able to sit in the hulls much like a design by Ray Aldrige called slidercat. the design I'm talking about would mostly be used in the victorian river and lake systems, estuary's and so on. Still demountable for transport but mostly launched at a ramp or via a make shift trolly. I'll draw up some of my ideas and hopefully get some feedback from the forum. cheers 

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Lachlan Wilson
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I built a slider cat here in Phuket and used  a 6.5 honda longtail giving about 6kts .I would suggest about a 9 13 hp .The slider was a good boat plenty of freeboard ,I carried 8 people across Ao Chalong bay one day and was excellent for camping . I also built a large awning above the deck. Cheers 

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